Gentry Gymnastics

Gentry Academy is proud to partner with Midwest Gymnastics to offer student-athletes expert instructors, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class training. Student-athletes transfer to Midwest Gymnastics training facility, where they receive individualized training. All classes are gender and skill defined, and the focus is determined by the specific event and apparatuses that are used in competition. Students follow individual progress charts and advance as new skills are obtained.

The gymnastics program provides a rigorous development schedule in a competitive, yet fun environment that allows student-athletes to receive coaching from renowned instructor who actively place gymnasts with Division I schools and with the U.S. Olympic National team. The elite level of instruction received at Midwest Gymnastics allows gymnasts to travel the world and compete at the highest level.

Together, we believe we can help gymnasts benefit from the experience of balancing the responsibilities of their sport with their academics, allowing them to prosper in areas related to organization, confidence and self-esteem. We are able to help student-athletes be the best they can be at academics and beyond.

Tiffany Saltness

Tiffany Saltness

Tiffany has been coaching gymnastics for 30 years at all levels of the sport, from preschool to high school. She has a BA in education and psychology from Hamline University. She also has experience choreographing floor routines at multiple levels of the sport. She started as a gymnast herself at 3-years-old and began competing at the age of 7. From there, she competed throughout her academic career, both in high school and at the collegiate level at Hamline University, where she received Academic All American honors. Her favorite event is the balance beam. If you ask her what she specializes in, her answer is simply loving all things gymnastics!