Gentry Cycling

Gentry Academy is proud to introduce the first school-based cycling development program in the state of Minnesota. Our cycling program includes classroom instruction paired with indoor and outdoor workouts and competition. Competitive and non-competitive cycling opportunities are available within selected racing disciplines, ranging from road and track racing to mountain biking and more.

Classroom instruction provides a comprehensive examination of programmatic activity related to the biopsychosocial model of development for youth. Student-athletes engage in an educational experience, learning the methodology of the biological, psychological and social benefits of the sport of cycling. They also analyze long-term development goals, ranging from competition to experimental learning that honors and celebrates the adventure and growth aspects of the sport. Coursework also includes the applied science of bike maintenance and repair.

Progressive development is personalized for the student-athlete and based on his or her individual goals and team selection. Student-athletes follow a systematic, periodized planning schedule to reach optimal condition to peak during racing season.

Expert instructors and volunteers will provide supplemental teaching, allowing student-athletes to gain proficiency in the fundamentals and refinement of sport-specific skills. Many variables affect cycling instruction, so it is highly specialized. Student-athletes direct their training schedules based on their goals, capacity, and intention within the sport. Variables such as age, level of competition, team selection, and desired intensity will also affect the training program.

Middle school and high school student-athletes may elect to participate on a Gentry Galaxy team, a school-based team alternative to club sports and the state high school league. Teams will travel throughout the country to compete, selecting from thousands of races nationwide.

Our high school students may also elect to join a Gentry Stars team, where athletes will compete with in the Minnesota High School Cycling League (MHSCL). Competitions take place in Minnesota.

Bruce Mertens

Bruce Martens

After six years of working to develop, implement, and maintain the Minnesota High School Cycling League as a founding member and three years working as the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Coach Licensing and Registration Manager, Bruce Martens has returned to serve Minnesota as Gentry Academy's Director of Cycling Programs.

Bruce attended Minnesota State University, Mankato as an undergraduate double majoring in microbiology and chemistry and the University of Minnesota's master's program for Integrated Behavioral Health, specializing in adolescent development. Athletics and sport development have been critical components of Bruce's academic advancement and his coaching philosophy is a fundamental integration of his personal experience with the evidence-based best practice of athlete-centered long term biopsychosocial development. He uses both his personal and professional knowledge and training to create a safe and collaborative space for student-athletes while working from an integrative, holistic (mind, body, spirit), and strengths-based approach. While drawing from traditional coaching methodology, Bruce resources a variety of non-conventional modalities that include mindfulness/meditation, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, family systems support, stress management, and injury prevention.

In addition to his love for health, fitness and nutrition, Bruce has been a passionate cyclist since he was a child. He has always used cycling as a means of staying fit and began competing in mountain bike races in 2001 as a way to nurture his competitive spirit. Wanting to enhance his fitness for mountain bike racing, Bruce found himself on his road bike more and more, which naturally led to his first road race and subsequent love for road bike racing. It was only natural that cyclocross racing would soon follow, not to mention his new found love of winter fat bike racing. In addition to competing in countless 5ks, 10ks, half and full marathons as well as one half-ironman, Bruce uses yoga, Nordic skiing, and endurance-inspired crossfit to supplement his personal training regimen. He is known for constantly pushing himself to find new levels of fitness and performance while having a deep passion for learning.

As a youth cycling coach, Bruce enjoys the process of collaboration to design and implement programs that will help each student-athlete reach their goals, both on and off the bike. Bruce has been working with student-athletes since 2004 and has devoted himself to building programs that maximize the competence, confidence, connection, character, life skills, positive affect, and psychosocial capacities cycling promotes.

When Bruce isn't teaching, cooking up new training programs, or out logging time in the saddle, he covets time with his wife Lisa and son Liam. Additionally, he enjoys running, camping, cooking, photography, music, home improvement, time with friends, and gardening. Finally, and as you may have guessed, Bruce has hard time saying no to a ride!