Gentry Pathfinder

Educated & Prepared

Many of today’s high school and college graduates are educated but not prepared.

The Gentry Pathfinder Program combines traditional classroom education with practical life and career preparation and real world experience.

Building leaders requires more than the knowledge that just comes from books – it also requires exposure to true leadership within the corporate, nonprofit and athletic worlds. The leadership curriculum at Gentry Academy goes beyond anything that is available from other secondary schools today.


As freshmen, students will begin to examine who they are and how they can reach their peak performance through The Winning Mind platform. The Winning Mind uses The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory – the world's best assessment methodology to help individuals understand the conditions that undermine performance and help them operate more successfully under stressful conditions.

This path will provide students with a mental edge inventory and mental skill awareness, which improves students’ focus, confidence, and emotional management so they will be able to perform at their best when it counts the most.


As sophomores, students will begin to examine who they are while learning about their individual personality type. Our guided assessment will provide clarity to understanding oneself and promote improved leadership and teamwork. Our students will explore what motivates and energizes them, which will help them seek opportunities that most suit their identity. This path will be a guided exploration of their inherent talents and interests, and will help them understand that having a deeper knowledge of themselves improves their life and the lives of those around them. Additionally, sophomores will put this understanding of leadership and teamwork into action by facilitating leadership training with our middle school students. This is a great opportunity for our students to use their life experiences to provide a hands-on, leadership teaching moment to their younger classmates.


The transition to college and a career begins here. As part of their plan for their junior year, students will begin mapping out their future path. The Pathfinder Program is designed to begin with the end in mind – an education with a purpose. Armed with this knowledge, the college selection and application process is very different. Unlike their peers who transition to college with only a vague understanding of how their education will affect their careers, a Gentry Academy graduate will transition to college with a purpose and a plan – and the leadership skills to excel.

Juniors will begin their career assessments with tools designed to help them understand how personal attributes impact potential success in, and satisfaction with, different career options and work environments. Our assessments will discover the skills, aptitudes and talents of our students. The results will help our students choose a career that embraces their goals and talents. These benefits will enable our students to make the best career decisions to grow both personally and professionally.

Additionally, juniors will read “What Color is Your Parachute? For Teens”. We will use this book as a guide to help our students decide what additional schooling – and corresponding tuition costs – makes sense for a chosen field. Students will begin to define their unique passions, which may lead to their dream job. They will explore emerging industries, such as social media and sustainability, by reviewing profiles of twentysomethings who've found work in solar energy, magazine writing, and more. Most importantly, it's packed with big picture advice that will set students on a path to land the job that's perfect for who they are – and who they want to be.


Senior year is when students’ hard work in the Pathfinder Program comes together with real world, hands-on experience. Students elect which path of specialized educational opportunities they would like to explore in order to build momentum toward their adult dreams and aspirations. Our seniors are offered internships through Gradient Financial Group or one of its member companies (Gradient). The internships include:

  • Executive / Corporate: Students may explore their passion for an executive/corporate career path through the following internship opportunities within Gradient:
    • Finance and accounting
    • Investments
    • Securities
    • Compliance
    • Legal
    • Information technology, software development and enterprise IT architecture
    • Sales and marketing
    • Corporate marketing communications
    • Graphic design
    • Travel and events
    • Human resources and corporate recruiting

    Your student can choose to focus on a particular area of interest, or can pursue an executive leadership rotation schedule – gaining exposure to multiple departments from an executive perspective to learn more about corporate governance and responsibility.

  • Computer Science: Developers, programmers and IT architects are highly sought after in today’s job market. For student with an interest in software development or corporate technology, the computer science path will afford them a chance to participate in real-world projects and sit side-by-side with professional developers as they solve problems and deliver high-grade technology solutions. KonnexME, a member of the Gradient family of companies, employs 14 developers who work in C-Sharp, .Net and SQL Server – and are responsible for the on-going development of an industry-leading business intelligence and management system.
  • Graphic Design: Gradient Positioning Systems (GPS) is a fully-staffed, in-house design firm that includes print and graphic designers, audio engineers, videographers, a motion graphics team, and web designers and developers. Students will gain firsthand experience with cutting-edge software and work on corporate projects that will provide them with real-world experience and credibility. GPS works on thousands of internal corporate projects and works with Gradient’s customers across the country.
  • Corporate Aviation – Does your student have career aspirations that extend above the clouds? Gradient’s Aviation Department will allow your student to spend time in the air and in the hangar with a top-of-the-line corporate jet – and see what is involved in managing a corporate fleet, or what it takes to pursue a career as a pilot.
  • Nonprofit: Students who have a real passion for giving back to their community can follow the nonprofit path at Gentry Academy to see how their interest can turn into a full-time career. By working with Gradient’s nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Gradient Gives Back, students will help implement Gradient’s plan to help families in need, both on a local and national scale. They will become familiar with the legal and financial aspects of charities, as well the fulfillment that comes from giving deserving families a financial hand up.