There may be no greater blessing than an educational environment that is a perfect fit.

We are in a unique position to be able to be selective about the young student-athletes who become part of Gentry Academy. The investments being made into the quality of the school are not dependent on the number of attendees but instead on the long-term embedded value in an elite academy – and the quality of our students.

Our admissions process looks not only at the academic achievement and athletic skill level but at the applicant as a whole person.

Creating a culture of responsibility, leadership and excellence begins with attracting and selecting those young student-athletes and families whose core values are in alignment with the mission of the school.

Each class, grades 5 through 8, is limited to 20 students.

Our admissions team will keep you well-informed and apprised throughout the entire process.

To begin the process, please download and complete our admissions form and send it back to

Our application fee is $1,000 which will be applied toward your tuition should you be accepted. If an offer of admission is not extended, your admissions fee will be fully refunded to you within three days of notification.

Annual Tuition Cost

Admissions cost for the 2016 school year is $14,900 for all students.

Tuition does not include school uniforms, athletic gear, meals or transportation. Meal and transportation programs are available for an additional charge.

All school records and health/immunization records must be completed and submitted prior to the first day of attendance.

To ensure all student-athletes are able to train at similar levels, there will also be a pre-admission assessment. If a student-athlete is accepted, parents will receive quarterly updates on their students’ progress in the same areas in which they were originally assessed.