Active Learning Environment

At Gentry Academy, we understand leadership is not a spectator sport and there’s nothing passive about success – it’s why every element of our students’ education is meant to engage and inspire them. From our progressive academic curriculum and high-caliber athletic training to our classroom tables and chairs, we are committed to creating an active learning environment that encourages and supports our students.

Every Gentry classroom is outfitted with Verb classroom furniture, an integrated collection of tables, whiteboards, and instructor stations that have been uniquely designed to support a diverse range of teaching and learning styles.

While traditional classrooms are designed to accommodate only one style of teaching and do not encourage student participation or engagement, our classrooms are specifically designed to foster an active learning environment.

We utilize Verb classroom furniture to promote interaction and engagement between both students and teachers alike. Not only do the rolling school tables make it easy to transition between lecture, discussion and individual work, but they also encourage group projects and learning. The Verb whiteboard further enhances collaboration by making it easy for students to share and work with a team.

Research shows that classroom furniture and tools can either help or hinder students’ learning process, which is why we have created an environment that activates learning and motivates greatness at every level.